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November 2, 2016

PND in dads: If you’re not happy and you know it… points to Father and Child

Alan Law is a PhD Fellow with publications on mental health stigma, lifespan psychology, wisdom and happiness. After 18 years teaching in Europe, he is now a full-time researcher and dad, and a part-time writer and teacher.

Back in NZ after 18 years in Europe with his wife and two little children, they went through a hard time after both of the kids were born and he admits it’s all been an on-going struggle, so Alan can relate to what we do here at Father and Child.

This week is Perinatal Mental Health Awareness week and Alan published an article on Spinoff which does a great job of cutting through the smoke and mirrors, understanding and supporting dads in these tricky situations.

He points out that there is not much information on engaging or supporting couples, let alone dads and he refers to a great Well Women Waiuku’s article about how this affects dads. But even that article doesn’t point to any safe place for dads to express their feelings, normalise their situation and find the best help.
Then he points to our Fathers’ Mauri Ora Circle, almost the only place where dads can share any dad related issue, aiming to learn and strengthen their collective abilities.

This evening Father and Child are hosting a special PMH/PND version of their group and invite any keen dads.

Hopefully, if a dad has a place he can talk things through, he will feel less alone and be better.

We know that his family will benefit too!

For Alan Law’s article – see Post-natal-depression in dads – if you’re not happy and you know it

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