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About The Father & Child Trust

Our vision and objectives


The Father & Child Trust was founded in Christchurch in August 1997 by a group of dads who ‘found’ each other in Hagley Park, where their children played together. They soon realised that as ‘at-home’ and part time or solo dads, they had similar issues and wanted to support each other as parents.

By 1998, they moved into a community room and formed a trust, aiming to bring a dad perspective into existing family services and address the lack of information or support for NZ Dads. They covered issues like depression, role adjustment, partner and relationship issues, soon forming a partnership with the local Plunket PND/PNAP mothers support group.
Staff and Board members at June 2014 hui
They noticed there was very little research or data on dads in New Zealand and that many of the issues facing dads and families could be avoided or reduced with better education or inclusion of fathers in the maternity world.

Father and Child issued the first regional ‘first time dads’ magazine around Canterbury in 2002, then produced hundreds of quarterly national magazines, culminating in their 2008 ‘New Babies’ Edition nationwide. (20,000copies)

This led to demand for support and resources all over Aotearoa, especially in Auckland, they opened a support office in 2008 and have run the Fathers Mauri Ora Circle since 2009 in the Onehunga Community Centre. Partnerships with Plunket, Community Midwives, MMH Teams and several CYFs offices have been formed, thousands of flyers, posters, magazines and booklets have been shared, Father and Child have never been able to keep up with all of what they believe is needed around Auckland.

Father and Child founder Harald Breiding-Buss published many papers and presented at International and local fathering events. He often shared the ‘Dads and Babies Seminars’ with Playcentre and similar groups. Harald has left for greener pastures, Father and Child miss him and appreciate his meticulous research work, along with the great range of articles in our Archives.

Father and Child remain the longest serving father support providers in NZ, offering information and support for new or expecting fathers, about Trauma/PNH issues, at home or solo dad situations, through separations, tricky family situations and CYFs issues.

They provide personal and group support to hundreds of dads every year, all over Aotearoa, often including our Discovering Fatherhood or Anger Management Correspondence Courses, now available in most prisons…

Father and Child offer ‘New Dad, How Are You’ flyers for new/expecting couple information packs, Why Dads? booklets for Mums, Dads and family professionals to encourage and inform good dads. They distribute thousands of Why Dads? via Pasifika ADHB/WDHB Health Action.during strategy summit in kapiti 2012

Father and Child’s mission remains to provide all fathers with information and support in their role as a parent, their vision remains an Aotearoa where mothers and fathers are supported equally.

Father and Child offices are a safe place to strengthen any dad stuff, form new networks and often just make Dads feel good about the most important job in their lives. We are not preachy and don’t lecture anyone on how to bring up their kids, we offer and share information for couples to make their own choices.

– Advance the discussion regarding the value of involved fathers in new Zealand
– Provide information and resources to help encourage dads as involved parents
– Deliver personal, phone or group support for fathers on dad related issues
– Offer training, seminars or introduce father support options to agencies
– Partner with Young parents groups, family support groups and workers…

Things Father and Child are proud of…

Being – a respected organisation, an organisation that weathers storms
Facilitating successful men’s groups – especially for fathers
Working with people from other cultures and diverse backgrounds
Experts at engaging with and supporting Dads and seeing their confidence grow
Helping Dads create strong bonds with their children
Hearing stories of success from Dad’s we have helped
Many years of knowledge about Dad’s issues
Helping young/teen Dad’s
Being Dads ourselves
We value communication and integrity
Helping Dads see light at the end of the tunnel
Presenting and educating others on why Dads are important
Knowledge of the business of supporting dads
Focused on our roles as being the best for dads
Supported by trained staff e.g. social workers


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Why Dads

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