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Posts tagged with  "Social Policy"

Engaging Dads Better

March 23, 2012:

Engaging Dads Better Engaging dads has become a hot topic amongst providers of family services, with more and more considering this a key issue for the quality of their services. Harald Breiding-Buss writes that in order to involve dads in the right way, service agencies need to involve them for the right reasons. When you […]

Govt open to suggestions

May 12, 2011:

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English told an audience of 50 ‘Key Thinkers’ at a forum in Wellington yesterday that he wants people involved in social community initiatives to ‘run down our doors’ with new ideas. He and Social Welfare minister Paula Bennett said that the government is committed to social services that strengthen communities and […]

“Include Dads” says Families Commissioner

December 8, 2009:

Recent research shows that dads need to be more included in family services says Families Commissioner Gregory Fortuin.

Who’s Looking After The Family?

August 13, 2009:

Who’s Looking After The Family? Our family is what most of us put at the top of what’s important to us. And government has a big impact on families: schools, health care, financial assistance while parents are on a lower income due to children and so on. But the larger political parties seem to want […]

Revisiting Childcare

February 2, 2009:

Revisiting Childcare Government has been pushing for years to encourage more children into ‘Early Childhood Education Centres’. Not only does it free up the parents to be useful members of society and engage in more paid work, but it is also believed to be a key to closing the gap for disadvantaged children. However, dissenting […]

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