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Welcome to Father and Child Trust

Why and How dads can help
Support for Dads by Dads:

• Getting ready for baby. ..
o Advice for Expecting Dads
• Going to be the ‘At-Home dad’?. ..
o Adjustment and role changes
• Just after baby is born

o Organising help for Mum
o Unexpected birth issues
o Preventing Overloading
• Mum or dad not happy?

o Early awareness of issues
o Anxiety, depression or more…?

• Family Situation Advocacy

o Advocacy, Mediation and Agreements
o Understanding and Strategies
• Discovering Fatherhood Coursenbe

• Managing Our Anger Course

• Discipline Without Smacking
• CYF, Family Court and the Law

Upset? Confused? Depressed?

Problems with the Law? or just…
looking for information
about being a dad?


Father and Child are just a phone call,
Auckland: 5251690
Wellington: 04 2399011
Christchurch: 9822440
Email, or visit away
from Father and Child you can learn….
• What to expect around baby time
• What’s important for your new baby
• How parents can talk/work as a team
• How to cope/adjust if required
• How Young/Teen Dads can be great
• Why Dads are all Important
• That no Dad is ever alone
• How to get deals without lawyers
• How to deal with CYFS and/or the Police
• About Guardianship, shared care and Family Law

support for dads

Being a Dad is Great,
Let’s make it more fun!

Our Vision:

New Zealand communities where fathers and mothers are supported equally and have access to the resources and help they need to work together for the welfare of their children.

Your support:

New Zealand children need more responsible parents. Empowered dads and mums who truly care for them. They are our future. Voice your support with a donation now and help kiwi dads get the support they desperately need.

Why Dads?

Why Dads

We are often asked for ideas on how and why dads can be useful, so mums and support workers can encourage fathers. Under topics like ‘Men and Pregnancy’ – ‘Dads and Babies’ – ‘Fathers and Learning’, this booklet helps explain relationship changes around baby time, early bonding and how dads play different.

Dads get to understand their own hormone swings and included is a short list of known factors due to the Absence of Dads. We know there are similar issues with many teenagers, a part of the answer may be a fully informed, involved dad. Email us for your free copy!

Teenage Fathers

Under 20 and already a dad? Not sure of your role? Unable to fulfil your parental duties? We understand young dads and their issues, we listen to your situation, help in all the ways we can or help find local young dads groups, now in most areas around NZ.
Father & Child produced one of only two studies on teenage kiwi fathers… Teen Dad Support Report here

Our direct work with teen dads includes the MSD-funded programme in Christchurch with Te Waipuna Young Mums. See more Teen Dad info here….

New Fathers

Our work with new fathers includes personal support, information on parenting theory, correspondence courses, resources to help midwives or family support organisations connect with dads and…
Special issues of our magazine for new dads.
For Trauma birth affected Dads or postnatal adjustment issues, call in or try our dads group in Auckland. We developed a Dads and Babies Resource for people working with new parents.

Solo Fathers

Did you know that one in six solo parents is a dad? They have children as young as a few weeks old and similar needs to solo mums. Read our study of solo fathers with young children (Dependent on Dad) here or see a selection of Father & Child articles on and by solo fathers through the Special Interest section.

Father & Child Magazine

Father & Child Magazine CoverPublished quarterly, Father & Child Magazine features real dads’ stories, parenting articles and ‘current affairs’.

Available on subscription.

Read more about our magazine, and access articles online: most back issues are available.

The magazine is about you – so send us your stories and pictures by mail or email and tell us which issues you want to read about:

Also check out: Motherless Girls.

And More…

Parenting: A selection of Father & Child articles by topic.

Programmes and Services: Overview of what we do.

Fathers’ Mauri Ora Circle: Our Auckland support group.

Special Interest Articles: Father & Child magazine articles by category eg. Work/Family, Separation, International Dads and more…

Papers: Our academic side including Engaging with Dads…

Seminars we can present to any audience with dad relevant content.

Membership information here. Please also consider a donation – money for this kind of work if very hard to come by.

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