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Father and Child Trust

Happier Fathers and Whanau in Aotearoa

Upset? Confused? Obstructed in your role as a dad?
…or after more information about being a father?

Support for all stages of dads…

  • Getting ready for baby…
  • Tricky times with a newborn?
  • Mum or dad not happy, baby OK?
  • Loss, grief or life changes…?
  • Family situation strategies..
  • Guardianship and shared care…?
  • Parenting Agreements or Mediation
  • Discovering Fatherhood Correspondence
  • Anger Management Correspondence Course

Support for Involved Fatherhood.…

  • How dads can help during pregnancy
  • Why it’s vital to bond with your baby
  • How touch and play are developmental
  • When to co-parent and work as a team
  • Find other dads or advocates can help
  • Know you are not alone – meet other solo dads
  • Why it’s important to stay an involved dad
  • Make Family agreements without the courts

Being an involved Dad can be amazing!
We help families to be happier…

Typical Outcomes for our clients…

  • Better informed expecting Dads
  • Involved-from-day-one new Dads
  • Dads support breast feeding and bonding
  • Couples who survive post-natal issues together
  • Understand the benefits of safe and rough play
  • Parents and families cooperating – co-parenting
  • Good discipline, removal of anger from parenting
  • At Home dads less alone and focused on family
  • Teen Dads actually take up their parenting role
  • Solo Dads confident in charge of their children
  • CYFs/OT, courts include Dads + whanau in child plans
  • Dads are empowered: to work with their families
  • Advocacy in Mediation, WINZ/IRD, MVCOT, FGC legal
  • Fathers are supported through separation,
  • Men helped thru depression, grief, loss, delays
  • Parenting difficulties are resolved
  • Upset, anxiety or frustration abated
  • Blended Family Situations assisted
  • Special needs children’s Dads helped
  • Peer support as Dads help each other
  • Family relationships agreements established
  • Discovering Fatherhood courses completed
  • Anger Management Courses are completed
  • Fathers Mauri Ora Circle attended


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