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Welcome to Father and Child Trust

Happier Dads and Families

Angry? Confused? Depressed? Problems with the law?
or just need more information about being a dad?

Get help from other dads

We are just a phone call, email, or visit away:

  • Getting ready for your baby
  • Care after the baby is born
  • How to be a Dad – bonding with your child
  • Mum or dad depressed?
  • Problems with family
  • Managing Anger
  • Help with care of the baby
  • Discipline without Smacking
  • CYF and the Law



  • What to expect
  • What’s important for your new baby
  • Why love and play is important
  • How to create more peace at home (or whatever is best term)
  • How families can help
  • That you are not alone – meet other dads just like you
  • Why it’s great being a dad
  • How to get help with the law

Being a Dad is Great! Let us help make it more fun.

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