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Posts tagged with  "Fatherhood"

Supporting Breastfeeding

March 23, 2012:

Supporting Breastfeeding Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for new working mum Jenni Kaifa. Without husband Mo’s support, and his extended leave from work, it might not have worked at all. By Brendon Smith. Walking down the long drive to Mo and Jenni’s house in West Auckland, trees envelope the overhead space and it seems a long way […]

New Dads Need Support Too

New dads need support too Taupo & Turangi Weekender · 14 Nov 2019 · Laurilee McMichael Research shows that if a new father has skin-to-skin con tact with his baby in the first few hours of the baby’s life, he is far more likely to stay involved through out the baby’s childhood. “Their involvement with […]

Some dads do it all alone

September 1, 2011:

In time for Fathers Day this year we have completed our study on fathers who raise young children with no or very little input by the children’s mother. This is a usually forgotten and quite ‘invisible’ family type that seems to engage little with the communities they live in. For more detail and the full […]

Father support on TV3

July 13, 2010:

Dan Brown, a young father being supported by the Father & Child Trust, was interviewed on TV3 about the new “In Your Hands” DVD produced by Great Fathers.

Special Interests

April 30, 2010:

Special Interests Work/Family Challenge Attention vs Money: Parenting column by Harald Breiding-Buss Truckie Dad: A truck driver’s story, by Mark Grimes. No More Fun and Games? Christchurch ‘Breeze’ host Grant McGrath talks to Harald Breiding-Buss and Mark Grimes about work and family. Balancing Act: Brendon Smith on work/family balance. A Day in the Life of […]

Fatherhood Messes Monkey Minds

January 11, 2006:

Fatherhood Messes Monkey Minds Researchers from Princeton University have discovered significant changes in the brain structure of male Common Marmosets on becoming a father. Marmosets are a primate species where the fathers stay involved with their offspring. The changes in brain structure are triggered by hormonal changes also found in human males with a pregnant […]

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