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Supporting Breastfeeding

March 23, 2012:

Supporting Breastfeeding Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for new working mum Jenni Kaifa. Without husband Mo’s support, and his extended leave from work, it might not have worked at all. By Brendon Smith. Walking down the long drive to Mo and Jenni’s house in West Auckland, trees envelope the overhead space and it seems a long way […]

College of Midwives Supports Bottlefeeding Dads

February 8, 2012:

In a media statement clarifying their position on media reports about All Black Piri Weepu bottlefeeding his baby, the College of Midwives (NZCOM) says they support whatever works for the family – including fathers bottlefeeding their baby.

Dads Bypassed in Breastfeeding Strategy

May 15, 2008:

A draft strategy produced by the National Breastfeeding Advisory Committee for the Director-General of Health makes no mention of fathers.

Father & Child News

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  • How to talk about ‘mums and dads’ without excluding LGBT parents November 27, 2014
    One of the points we often stress in our work is the importance of actively using the ‘f’ word (father) in any letters, posters, papers, briefings, tender documents or other communications you produce. 
  • Bringing Fathers In: helping global activists embrace ‘dad power’ November 18, 2014
        The Fatherhood Institute and MenCare are launching a package of practical resources for health, education and social care professionals, policy makers, programme managers and designers, researchers and evaluators, to mark International Men’s Day (Nov 19), Universal Children’s Day (Nov 20) and International Day to Eradicate Violence Against Women/White Ribbon Day (Nov 25). 
  • Why it’s time to Bring Fathers In November 18, 2014
    Jeremy Davies writes: Two years ago the Fatherhood Institute published a global research review which identified and explored the evidence on parenting and other programmes’ promotion of father-involvement in the first eight years of children’s lives. 
  • Bringing Fathers In: free resources for advocates, practitioners and researchers November 16, 2014
      Bringing Fathers In is a series of smart, punchy, evidence-based information sheets backed up with a series of online research summaries. 
  • Bringing Fathers In: the background November 16, 2014
    Our 2012 review, Fatherhood: Parenting Programmes and Policy – A Critical Review of Best Practice, examined evidence from across the world about parenting and other programmes’ focus on father-involvement as a means to impact on family violence, child abuse, children’s health or learning.