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What Dads Can Do – for their expecting partners, by Heather Bruce

June 24, 2015:

At the Somcanz conference in Auckland last week, while representing PMHNZ, we discovered Heather Bruce, one of Australasia’s best loved birth support professionals. She’s dedicated her life to sharing insights and wisdom with families and professionals all across the world. Heather’s advocacy around best practice in fertility, healthy pregnancy and natural birthing always includes Healthy […]

Supporting Breastfeeding

March 23, 2012:

Supporting Breastfeeding Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for new working mum Jenni Kaifa. Without husband Mo’s support, and his extended leave from work, it might not have worked at all. By Brendon Smith. Walking down the long drive to Mo and Jenni’s house in West Auckland, trees envelope the overhead space and it seems a long way […]

College of Midwives Supports Bottlefeeding Dads

February 8, 2012:

In a media statement clarifying their position on media reports about All Black Piri Weepu bottlefeeding his baby, the College of Midwives (NZCOM) says they support whatever works for the family – including fathers bottlefeeding their baby.

Dads Bypassed in Breastfeeding Strategy

May 15, 2008:

A draft strategy produced by the National Breastfeeding Advisory Committee for the Director-General of Health makes no mention of fathers.

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