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June 24, 2015

What Dads Can Do – for their expecting partners, by Heather Bruce

At the Somcanz conference in Auckland last week, while representing PMHNZ, we discovered Heather Bruce, one of Australasia’s best loved birth support professionals. She’s dedicated her life to sharing insights and wisdom with families and professionals all across the world. Heather’s advocacy around best practice in fertility, healthy pregnancy and natural birthing always includes Healthy Mum, Happy Dad, Easy Baby, Birthing and Infrequently asked questions.

What dads can do

What Dads Can Do

What Dads Can Do is a comprehensive book for an expecting Dad, it’s a manual with easy to follow diagrams, covering each stage and common issues, all from a natural and traditional healing perspective and with a Massage DVD.

Dads can learn how to understand hormonal issues, including their own, energy levels and active support in early and late pregnancy, birth preparation and the big event.

Heather was so used to seeing dads being sidelined – in pregnancy and especially in the birth, and afterwards – often not bonded, and not appreciated – yet their contribution is crucial. “Dad’s role is pivotal to the success of the family, here is their manual on what to do!”

Message from a midwife – “The most important part of this work is that it is positive. Instead of not knowing what to do, Dad has a guide and he can be incredibly useful. When Dad is engaged, when in labour he can be such a valuable asset, he can take the place of an epidural. They have danced this act before – she trusts him, he knows what to do and it all just flows. Beautiful!!”

“What Dads Can Do” is available from Heather’s website via – plus it can be used alongside her informative Smartphone App. – only $5 and easy to download. In this low cost App, couples can get amazing and highly useful info on diet, exercise, care for a pregnant partner and related health issues.

Heather encourages dads to be better informed, conscious and open to everything, NOT just the current medical “takes”:

•Unsettled Babies are easy to avoid. Make them well and do not break them! Be sure to see the menus here on Heather’s website and click the How to Make a Great Baby tab.
•Unsettled Mothers are also very easy to avoid. Do NOT break their trust in themselves and in birthing and their body’s ability to rise to all challenges!

Find out how by buying the natural health problem-solving App so you’ll have all the correct answers right at your fingertips!

Visit “” for more info and links to Google or Appstore downloads

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