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Govt wants opinions on preventing child abuse

January 11, 2012:

The government has released its Green Paper on Vulnerable Children, outlining problems and possible approaches to tackling child abuse in New Zealand, and wants everyone’s feedback. A special web site ( has been set up, which allows people to comment on specific issues, or on the whole paper, and making a submission is a lot […]

Children After the Shock

September 27, 2011:

Children After the Shock Peter R Walker has collected some children’s voices from the Christchurch earthquakes. “Kids say the darndest things” don’t they? Darndest meaning funny, cute, profound. Sometimes, “from the mouths of babes” comes the most honest commentary, and on such occasions adults could learn a lesson. In the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes, […]

Shaken Parent Syndrome

Shaken Parent Syndrome A month or two after the 22nd February earthquake, Christchurch people are well and truly ‘quaked out’. Harald Breiding-Buss relates his own post-quake moments as well as the current thinking on helping children through. A couple of months have passed since the ‘Big One’ has hit Christchurch. For a while there, when […]

Family Court Being Reviewed

September 22, 2011:

The Family Court is being reviewed by the Ministry of Justice and a consultation paper is now out and open for public submissions. See here.

Father support on TV3

July 13, 2010:

Dan Brown, a young father being supported by the Father & Child Trust, was interviewed on TV3 about the new “In Your Hands” DVD produced by Great Fathers.

Mauri Ora Father’s Circle

March 19, 2010:

Father’s Mauri Ora Circle Now supported by KidzNeedDadz since March 2019… Looking for support from other fathers? …to lend your support to other dads? A safe place to strengthen your role as a father? …maybe a dad only zone, where we can talk freely? Our Father’s Mauri Ora Circle may be just what you are […]

Children Teach Parents To Eat Fruit

January 20, 2009:

Children Teach Parents To Eat Fruit Kids have trumped their parents by showing that they actually like fruit and vegetables. Plus they understand the importance of eating them better than their parents do. Research by Colmar-Brunton shows 93% of children understand that 5+ a day means to eat five or more servings of fruit or […]

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