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Engaging With Dads Lecture at University of Auckland

On Tuesday 29th Aug 10am – 12pm, Dave Owens, David Ringrose and Brendon Smith are presenting:
Engaging Dads Early, Converting Tricky Fathers into Involved Dads and Engaging Dads around Perinatal Mental Health issues. (more…)

NewsHub on Father and Child giving fathers hope

Newshub Producer Max Milyneux knew dads often ‘did it tough’ through separation or regarding contact with their children. Father & Child know hundreds of dads are kept from maintaining a bond for spurious reasons, delays and alienation.

This video was published on Newshub 2nd June 2017 (more…)

Mental Health Services for Fathers

With International Fathers’ Mental Health Day on June 19th 2017, Mark Williams of Fathers Reaching Out recorded a video interview with Father & Child support worker Brendon Smith to discuss the development of mental health services for fathers. (more…)

International Fathers Mental Health Day Mon 19th June

This is Men’s Health Month, and we know that Men’s Mental Health is usually dependant on our father issues being OK. Sometimes it’s our own father, we may be an expecting father, things can be tricky when we are a new father.

Should Fathers Be Allowed Overnight on Post-natal Wards?

Brendon Smith was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon today.

Maori Fathers, Young and Older, Wanted For Interviews in Auckland

Maori fathers are encouraged to be interviewed for a research study being conducted throughout the country from a Maori father’s perspective on parenting.

One in 25 men experience post-natal depression Brendon on TV

New research reveals as many as one in 25 New Zealand men experienced post-natal depression.

Father & Child Support Worker Brendon Smith was interviewed on Newshub tonight.

Thanks for Saving Father And Child Trust… Again!

Father and Child Trust has survived many tricky years. Funding a nationwide support network with reliable workers, trustworthy information and good administration is demanding. To have survived for 20 years and still be serving the community is a credit to many great contributions.

500th Father and Child Auckland Client – Shane Smith

Father and Child have helped hundreds of dads over the last twenty years and around the country, all with a new story and different issues. We started in Christchurch in 1997 and have been in Auckland since 2007. Our 500th client in Auckland is Shane Smith.

Shane came to Father and Child in early 2015, not long after he had been in prison. He had gang history and did 3 years for drug related issues, his time was mainly spent in learning and educating himself, motivated by his baby daughter and the desire to be there for her when he got out.

He was also driven by the knowledge that Ashana’s mother had left her with a family friend, Phil, who knew Shane. Phil brought Ashana to see her dad inside, but Phil was unsure and had a mistrust about Shane seeing his daughter.
As part of his plan Shane attended Odyssey House rehab and passed with flying colours.

When he was released, Shane was seeing Ashana for day visits, fortnightly most Sundays, but not every week. Phil was being very protective and warning Ashana about her father, undermining their ability to bond. Shane wanted Ashana, now 6 to meet her half sister Tyla 14 and to see his speedway racing car.

Shane was encouraged by Father and Child to ask for more time and connected with a lawyer, Michael Headifen, who was confident and we applied for full weekends including overnights.

Shane completed our Discovering Fatherhood 10 module course, he submitted his certificate and we wrote a support letter. Our Father and Child support worker attended meetings and was invited to be at court as a support person.

The judge admonished Phil for being obstructive and awarded Shane full fortnightly weekends. Shane agreed to bonding therapy with a family counsellor, which he would pay for. Shane began collecting Ashana on Saturdays at 1pm and returning her on Sunday evenings, it went well.

Shane has been able to take Ashana to meet her half sister Tyla, meet his good friends and attend speedway. Ashana gets to share her life in the car and tells Shane that she loves him and the race car. Shane and Ashana were able to attend Father and Child’s Ambury Farm/Park BBQ on Father’s Day.
Shane continued to attend Father’s Mauri Ora Circle on Wednesday nights, keeping us up to date with his increasing time and improving bond with his daughter. Shane realised he was not alone in his struggle to be a more involved father. He kept attending and helped motivate other dads.

Shane was a mentor for many of the younger dads in our Wednesday nights, he related well, especially those who had given up substances or similar. Shane was generous enough to include a logo on the front of his speedway car for the 2015 season.

We have video of Shane racing in Huntly and Onehunga, plus he came to our Christmas BBQ last year, with the car, he gave the children a climb inside then revved the engine and drove it back onto the trailer. Our children and families had a great get together and thanked each other for the collective support.

Shane continues his journey to this day, in 2016 he had a serious operation to fix sleep apnoea issues, this meant he lost excess weight and keeps it off!

Shane still attends the odd Wednesday night Father’s Mauri Ora Circle, keeps us up to date with his children and supports other dads. He still has Ashana every fortnight overnight and they are now truly close. Shane has had to take it easy on racing this season but he still goes as he has to take Ashana!

Panmure Santa Parade, Toddler Day Out, End of Year Celebrations

Meri Kirihimete,
Father and Child Trust are pleased to be attending Panmure’s Santa Parade this Saturday 3rd Dec at 11am- 12noon.

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