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June 22, 2017

Mental Health Services for Fathers

With International Fathers’ Mental Health Day on June 19th 2017, Mark Williams of Fathers Reaching Out recorded a video interview with Father & Child support worker Brendon Smith to discuss the development of mental health services for fathers.

Fathers Reaching Out is a British support network for men whose wives or partners have postnatal depression. In 2012, founder Mark Williams was awarded “Inspirational Father of the Year” and “Wales Local Hero Award” at the Pride of Britain Awards.

Mark Williams with “Why Dads?”

When Mark visited New Zealand in September 2016 he learned about the Father & Child Trust and was impressed by the fact that we have been in existence for almost 20 years.

He attended one of the Wednesday evening Mauri Ora support groups for fathers in Auckland. He says:

“The one thing I brought away from the room was this absolutely incredible book [Why Dads] which I have been showing everyone around the UK when I do my talks.”

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