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May 1, 2011

Families Commission May Become Family Services Watchdog

The government has positioned the Families Commission as a ‘centre of excellence for knowledge about families and whanau’. Providing ‘advice on effective, accessible, and appropriately targeted services’ is one of the Commissions key future roles.
The Commission is inviting 50 ‘key thinkers’ from outside government to a forum in May to develop a ‘knowledge base’ about family service delivery.
The Families Commission is best known for its controversial campaigns on male-initiated family violence (the ‘White Ribbon’ and ‘It’s Not OK’ campaigns), which have been rejected by some of New Zealand’s top family researchers. The Commission’s key role in the past has been to fund family-related research, and in 2009 it commissioned a large study on male views on fatherhood.
It campaigned for the introduction of paid parental leave for fathers in late 2009 to a frosty response from the government.

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