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March 10, 2011

Court Orders Ignored as Parents Leave Christchurch

Father & Child is increasingly becoming aware of (separated) parents who leave Christchurch with their children without consulting the other parent.
In many cases Parenting Orders made by the Family Court specify that children cannot be taken out of the region without consulting the other parent. Once out of the city the children will be deprived of their time with the parent staying behind, which they are entitled to under a Parenting Order.
Father & Child advises that the current State of Emergency does not invalidate Family Court Orders, and parents must continue to adhere to them unless both agree that it is in the best interest of the child not to. Where the living situation has become unsafe for one parent, children should in the first instance be taken to other legal guardians, generally the other parent.
Maintaining the established routine of how care is shared between two separated parents is also an important part in restoring a sense of normality for children, and a move out of town and away from one parent may, in fact, further increase anxieties and feelings of insecurity.

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