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January 15, 2006

Campaign Against Family Violence

Campaign Against Family Violence

The Families Commission is calling for a national campaign against family violence that would include asking parents to switch off violent television programmes. Chief Families Commissioner Dr. Rajen Prasad says the frequency of media violence, through television programmes, movies and computer games, is desensitising people of all ages to the effects of violence.

Speaking at the biggest ever domestic violence conference held recently in Auckland, Doctor Prasad said these attitudes to violence made it easier to justify behaving violently in real life. “What is needed is a sustained campaign that denounces violent attitudes and promoted the concept of strong, supportive relationships” he said.

The Families Commission is planning a study of people’s attitudes and behaviour towards family violence, with a view to changing people’s attitudes.

At the conference, the wider impact of television viewing was also on the agenda. British psychologist Doctor Aric Sigman proposed that parents place a total ban on children younger than three from watching television, and restrict older children to an hour a day.

Leaving the television on all the time was also considered to be particularly damaging.

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