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Father & Child Magazine Issue #4

“Dad’s Place” Open Day; Nurturing – A Manly Trait; Stand And Deliver; Fathers, Families And The Future; Thank God, Daddy’s Home School Is Over; Any Day Can Be Father’s Day; Fathers After Separation.


  • “Dad’s Place” Open Day: New Zealand’s first drop-in centre for dads was opened in Christchurch in August this year reports Peter Moore.
  • Nurturing – A Manly Trait: Fatherhood and the Men’s Movement are only partly compatible, thinks Harald Breiding-Buss.
  • Stand And Deliver: Putting your kids first has a price. At 51 years of age and with his youngest child being 15, single dad Adam Evenson wishes there had been a better way of balancing work and family.
  • Fathers, Families And The Future: Auckland held its own forum on fathering in late September. Independent Researcher Paul Callister, who delivered one of the keynote speeches, reports.
  • Thank God, Daddy’s Home School Is Over: To run a good home school it helps to know more that your 8-year old daughters, as Tim Cerantola discovers.
  • Any Day Can Be Father’s Day: Steven Crandell finds that a great way to give to your son is to thank your father.
  • Fathers After Separation: Parental conflict and stress after separation are the perfect recipe for producing an absent father. Stuart Birks, Director of Massey University’s Institute for Public Policy Evaluation examines the evidence.

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