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Objectives of the Father&Child Trust

Our Vision:
A happier, healthier and safer environment for our children/tamariki created by more balanced parenting and effective engaged fathers

  1. To work with families by helping individual fathers work towards the best relationship they can have with their children under the given circumstances, supporting and actively helping them to remove barriers impeding this goal, and making information available that helps their parenting.
  2. To work with organisations by working towards equal parenting opportunities for mothers and fathers, where family support services are accepting of the choices parents make in dividing the caring of their children between them, and encourage a joint primary responsibility for their children. Father & Child has a focus on educating organisations delivering these services, working with them to achieve inclusive delivery.
  3. To work with communities by networking and encouraging fathers to share any parenting related issues with each other, to actively engage with their children, to be part of their local parenting communities and achieve confidence in parenting. Father & Child provides places where this can happen, and disseminates typical fathers stories through magazine publications, internet and other media.

Mission Statement

To provide all support possible to fathers to be the most effective and engaged dads they can be – creating a happier healthier, safer future for our children/tamariki.

Father & Child News

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