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The Father & Child Trust was founded in August 1997 and operated until March 2019.

Kidzneeddadz NZ took over most of this work. For phone or local support try them on 0800 563 123…

Father and Child Trust

Happier Fathers and Whanau in Aotearoa

Upset? Confused? Obstructed in your role as a dad?
…or after more information about being a father?

Support for all stages of dads…

  • Getting ready for baby…
  • Tricky times with a newborn?
  • Mum or dad not happy, baby OK?
  • Loss, grief or life changes…?
  • Family situation strategies..
  • Guardianship and shared care…?
  • Parenting Agreements or Mediation
  • Discovering Fatherhood Correspondence
  • Anger Management Correspondence Course

Support for Involved Fatherhood.…

  • How dads can help during pregnancy
  • Why it’s vital to bond with your baby
  • How touch and play are developmental
  • When to co-parent and work as a team
  • Find other dads or advocates can help
  • Know you are not alone – meet other solo dads
  • Why it’s important to stay an involved dad
  • Make Family agreements without the courts

Being an involved Dad can be amazing!
We help families to be happier…

Typical Outcomes for our clients…

  • Better informed expecting Dads
  • Involved-from-day-one new Dads
  • Dads support breast feeding and bonding
  • Couples who survive post-natal issues together
  • Understand the benefits of safe and rough play
  • Parents and families cooperating – co-parenting
  • Good discipline, removal of anger from parenting
  • At Home dads less alone and focused on family
  • Teen Dads actually take up their parenting role
  • Solo Dads confident in charge of their children
  • CYFs/OT, courts include Dads + whanau in child plans
  • Dads are empowered: to work with their families
  • Advocacy in Mediation, WINZ/IRD, MVCOT, FGC legal
  • Fathers are supported through separation,
  • Men helped thru depression, grief, loss, delays
  • Parenting difficulties are resolved
  • Upset, anxiety or frustration abated
  • Blended Family Situations assisted
  • Special needs children’s Dads helped
  • Peer support as Dads help each other
  • Family relationships agreements established
  • Discovering Fatherhood courses completed
  • Anger Management Courses are completed
  • Fathers Mauri Ora Circle attended


Father & Child News

The Last Post

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