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Father & Child Magazine

New Zealand’s magazine for dads, since 1997….
What is it like to be a dad in New Zealand today?
There is the hard working provider, the househusband,
the separated dad, the single father, the stepfather….

  • Father & Child knows that dads aren’t just an optional add-on to the family.
  • Father & Child brings the human face behind fatherhood!
  • Father & Child shows dads in their various roles, their joys and their struggles, their parenting and their problems.

Due to lack of funding, this magazine ceased production in 2012.

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  • Issue #49: 2012 Dads After the Quake, Around the World With Kids, Dads in Rwanda, Leigh and Sons Ltd (solo dad), Early Childhood Research Conference.
    Cover 49
  • Issue #48: Winter/Spring 2011 Solo Dads, Video Games, Birth and Battle book, Breastfeeding, Engaging Dads.
    Cover 48
  • Issue #47: Autumn 2011 Christchurch Earthquake – Dads Stories/How it Impacted on Children, Two-Home Children, Helpless in Labour, Teen Dads.
    Cover 47
  • Issue #46: Winter 2010 Books And Reading, Football And Fathers, Dealing With Abortion, The Family of Grant Magrath, Truckie Dad, Fatherhood and Christianity, Paternal Animals.
    Cover 46
  • Issue #45: Autumn 2010 Parenticus Jellyfishicus, CYF-Agency of Last Resort, The Big O.E, Twins—Two in One Go, Quiz –How Lousy a Parent Are You, Books, Waitakere Father Support Survey.
    Cover 45
  • Issue #44: Spring 2009 School-Age Children, Child Support Solo Parenting Boy and Girl, Fathers Connecting Children, Focus on Fathering Week, Rethinking Postnatal Depression, Down with Detachable Dads.
    Cover 44
  • Issue #43: Winter 2009 Dads, Daughters and Food; The Mother Myth; The New Guy at F&C; Sudden Infant Death; A Vision For Boys.
    Cover 43
  • Issue #42: Balancing Act; Reunited Again; Family Values in Politics; Releasing the Woman in Your Daughter; Commission Without Clout?; Opinion: Protecting Fathers.
    Cover 42
  • Issue #41: Autumn 2008 The Different Schools; Boys Need Mums; Dating Dads; Power-Napping; Special Needs.
    Cover 41
  • Issue #40: Spring 2008 Babies & Movement; 5 Ways to do a Better Job; Young Musicians, Shared Parenting? I Wished; Kids Need Grand-Dad Too; Who’s Looking After the Family?; Taking on Government Departments.
    Cover 40
  • Issue #39: Autumn 2007 Importance of Touch; Childcare Revisited: criticism on government policy; Second Family: A single dad of four starts over again; Legal ages.
    Cover 39
  • Issue #38: Summer 2007 Motherless children: Single fathers and their girls; Trouble at School: Boys and learning; Taxing Families: How income splitting could save you more tax than either party is promising for the election.
    Cover 38
  • Issue #37:Winter/Spring 2007 10 Years Father & Child Trust, Long-distance Travel with Kids, Immigrant Dads.
    Cover 37
  • Issue #36: Autumn 2007 Male Preschool Teachers, Dave Dobbyn, Politics and Families, Montessori Preschools.
    Cover 36
  • Issue #35, Summer 2007 Forgiveness, Separation, Fathers of Teen Fathers, IVF.
    Cover 35
  • Issue #34, Spring 2006 Suicide, Parenting Styles , Beauty Pageants, Fruit Juice, Non-sporty kids.
  • Issue #33, Winter 2006 Street Protests of Angry Fathers, Multitasking, Parenting:Discipline, Kayaking with a daughter, Imprisonment.
    Cover 33
  • Issue #32, Summer 2005/6 Cloth Nappies, Family-friendly cafes, Discrimination, ‘Men After Separation’ review, Re-discovering his children.
    Cover 32
  • Issue #31, Spring 2005 Pressure on Children, Kids and Alcohol, Diary of a Move.
    Cover 31
  • Issue #30, Winter 2005 Children and self esteem, Pro’s and con’s of large families, Dads and Playcentre, Magic moments with Dad.
    Cover 30
  • Issue #29, Autumn 2005 Political parties on fathers and families, Surviving winter, Child abuse in NZ, Dads in advertising.
    Cover 29
  • Issue #28, Summer 2004/05 Single fathers, Men and employment, Meningitis vaccine, Constructive conflict, Father of three.
    Cover 28
  • Issue #27, Spring 2004 Separation – dos and don’ts, School holiday activities, Playstation reviews, A fathers near death experience.
    Cover 27
  • Issue #26, Winter 2004 Fathering in the Marlborough Sounds, Family Tree, Sleep tips for babies, diary of a homebirth.
    Cover 26
  • Issue #25, Autumn 2004 Legal Parenthood, Naming kids, School Holidays, What Babies Learn from Dad, Male Role Models.
    Cover 25
  • Issue #24, Summer 2003/04 Fathers in Prison (2), Dads & Girls, Mental Illness, Kids & Swearing, Cartoon Feature, Dads in Drag.
    Cover 24
  • Issue #23, Spring 2003 Dads in Prison, Sonless Fathers, The Great Outdoors, Life’s Important Questions, Let’s Talk About Sex, A Woman’s Work?
    Cover 23
  • Issue #22, Winter 2003 Absent by law, Times Up For Time Out, Understanding Men – The Book, International Fatherhood Summit, Sick Kids, I Have Kids
    Cover 22
  • Issue #21, Autumn 2003 Young and Keen, Smacking and the Law, The Day Everything Changed, I’ve got you under my skin, Book review: Fathers and Sons
    Cover 21
  • Issue #20, Summer 2002 Absolutely mental, Father’s Day in Dunedin, Double The Trouble, I Hate You, Holiday Snaps.
    Cover 20
  • Issue #19 June-September 2002 Mealtime Mayhem, Autumn Retreat, Go Team, Role Models, Dave & Goliath.
    Cover 19
  • Issue #18 March-July 2002 Dad at 17, Just You Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, Boys at School, What Did You Do On Valentine’s Day, Fatherhood Chinese Style, Some Dads Can’t Win.
    Cover 18
  • Issue #17 December 2001-Febuary 2002 Full Circle, The Magic Number, Between the Sheets, Fathers And Change in Japan, Help For Non-Custodial Dads.
    Cover 17
  • Issue #16 July-September 2001 Booze, Bikes And Babes, To Be The Best Dad I Can, Dads Along The Nile, Staunch As…, What She Doesn’t Say That You Need To Hear.
    Cover 16
  • Issue #15 Hippy Takes From Paft, Playcentre Dads, Riding Out The Change, 3 Under 3, Fatherless America, Children After Separation.
  • Issue #14 April-June 2001 Under The Knife, Hollywood Dads, Equal Parenting Opportunities, Don’t Deny Domestic Violence, Towards Parental Equality, Dad on the Run
    Cover 14
  • Issue #13 December 2000-March 2001 The Bond of the Blood, The New Man, Wanted: New Words for Old, Childbirth: Two Sides of the Same Story, If You Want to Know More, Ask Dad, Fathers and Children’s Rights
    Cover 13
  • Issue #12 September-November 2000 Who’d Want To Be A Fairytale Father?, Fit To Be A Dad, Men At Birth, Im A Dad – Listen To Me, Researching Men In New Zealand – Whose Voices Are We Hearing?
    Cover 12
  • Issue #11 June 2000 Shared Parenting Bill – R.I.P., The Meaning Of Being A Dad, Househubbies!, The Four C’s Of A Housedad, School – Not Quite The Final Frontier, Back To “Fathering The Future”, Going Slow, Radio For Starters
  • Issue #10 March 2000 Protection Orders And Parental Alienation, She’s My Girl, Fathers In The Olden Days, Sharing The Parents, Dont Eat The Vegetarians
  • Issue #9 December 1999 Hungry For Dad, Pheromones, School At Home, A Day In The Life Of Working Parents, Separated Father, Housedad and Grandfather
  • Issue #8 September 1999 Releasing The Woman In Your Daughter, The Family Life Of Simon Barnett, Tots & Toddlers, Biological Fathers, Keep Trying
  • Issue #7 June 1999 When Things Turn Sour, Your On Your Own, Like A Puppet On A String, What I Couldn’t Do, ‘Tis Perfect To Be An Imperfect Dad, The Poo And Pee Comedy Show Rediscovering My Parents, A Hillary-ous Dad
  • Issue #6 March 1999 It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, Destination: Unknown, Long Distance Parenting, Pulling Off The Bandages, Dad-Action In Californian Schools, Back To Work
  • Issue #5 December 1998 Is Santa Claus The Original Grandfather, Drumming The Drums, Will It Be The Best Of Times, Or The Worst Of Times, Back to School, Changing Jobs, Kid’s Need ‘Grand’ Dads Too
  • Issue #4 October 1998 “Dad’s Place” Open Day, Nurturing – A Manly Trait, Stand And Deliver, Fathers, Families And The Future, Thank God, Daddy’s Home School Is Over, Any Day Can Be Father’s Day, Fathers After Separation
  • Issue #3 July 1998 Christchurch Father&Child Trust Opens “Dad’s Place”, Growing, Growing, Growing…, My Daughter And I Who’s Teaching Who, From The Diary Of A Mad Housedad, Another Fatherless Child, It’s True, Men Have Families Too!, Fathering The Future Infects Wellington, Auckland And Nelson, Oh… Couldn’t You Find A REAL Job?, Glue Ear, Does Your Child Hear Things?
  • Issue #2 March 1998 Going Ahead, Break The Barriers, A Successful Three Months For Father&Child Trust, A Passionate Childrens Rights Advocate Has Left Us, Caring Fathers, Focus Group Findings, Trust To Hold Experts Meeting, The Holidays, New Dad / New Identity, The New Face Of Single And Custodial Father Households, Collapsing Into Paid Employment, Dads Down Under, Tax Logic – IRD Style
  • Issue #1 December 1997 Christchurch City Council Starts Major Fatherhood Initiative, At Home Dads, Working Around A Holiday, From A Wifes Perspective, How The Father&Child Trust Was Created, Focus Group Meetings Held, How Many Single Dads Are There, Long Distance Fathering, Nelson Radio Promotes Postive Fathering, We Started With The Best Intentions

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