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Father & Child Magazine Issue #1

Christchurch City Council Starts Major Fatherhood Initiative; At Home Dads; Working Around A Holiday; From A Wifes Perspective; How The Father&Child Trust Was Created; Focus Group Meetings Held; How Many Single Dads Are There; Long Distance Fathering; Nelson Radio Promotes Postive Fathering; We Started With The Best Intentions.



What you are reading now is possibly the only magazine on male parenting in New Zealand. It is not perfect, but we’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating it, because we felt it is important.

Fathers play with their children, coach them, take them to the playground and all that, but more importantly, we really care about them.

This magazine contains stories written by fathers for fathers. Their love for their children shows through in every single article. There is nothing special about it and yet there is. This is the way we should support each other – by listening to each others stories and being able to relate to them.

Father & Child is produced by the Father & Child Trust in Christchurch and is part of our constitution. The Trust has Trustees with different portfolios, they are the portfolios for fathers as primary caregivers, single dads, shared parenting, working fathers and youth fathers.

We will try to feature articles about issues of importance to fathers, and your contributions and letters are more than welcome.

At the end you will find a rather small list of groups in New Zealand. It is one of the important goals of the Trust to network fathers in same parenting situations.

Let us know if you want to meet others and we will help you either directly or through this newsletter.
Father & Child is free to members and we hope you enjoy the reading.

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