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August 13, 2017

NewsHub on Father and Child giving fathers hope

Newshub Producer Max Milyneux knew dads often ‘did it tough’ through separation or regarding contact with their children. Father & Child know hundreds of dads are kept from maintaining a bond for spurious reasons, delays and alienation.

This video was published on Newshub 2nd June 2017

Read full article on Newshub:
Father and Child, the support group where fathers turn when they’ve got no hope left

Father and Child is a safe space for dads to support each other through the difficulties of parenting, a window into the sometimes-acrimonious world of divorce.

The group was founded in 1997 in Christchurch by a group of solo and stay-at-home dads whose kids all played together. In 2008 Father and Child opened a support office in Onehunga, beginning weekly “Fathers Mauri Ora Circle” meetings in 2009.

Since then Father and Child has been inundated with clients, over 700 and nearly 150 in one year. With only one support worker and volunteers, they help dads in crisis, rework family strategies and regain hope for their roles as involved parents.

Father and Child thanks Newshub and all the dads who contribute to supporting each other. We all need hope.

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