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Genetic Testing: Research Participants Wanted

January 21, 2009:

University of Auckland researchers from the Department of Psychology are conducting a study on attitudes towards genetic testing for unborn babies. “This research is important as understanding how people feel about whether or not to undertake prenatal genetic testing is crucial in order to assist them through the process. Data collected through this research will […]

Research on Solo Dads Declined

The Lottery Grants Board declined an application by Father & Child Trust and Canterbury University researcher Jeffrey Gage for funding to conduct research on single custodial fathers with small children.

Fathers Research Declined — Again!

January 20, 2009:

Fathers Research Declined — Again! New Zealand has 24,000 solo dads with dependent children, most of them in paid employment and typically plugging away without any direct support. How they became solo dads, whether they or their children need anything or if there is useful information to help them is not known. Another funding body […]

Families Commission Researching Dads

November 13, 2008:

The Families Commission has contracted Christchurch researchers Research First led by Carl Davidson to undertake a literature review of fathers research and a representative survey on Kiwi dads. This will be the first study on any aspect of fatherhood since 1999 involving more than a handful of respondents. The Commission wants to base the new […]

Father & Child Hoping to Research Solo Dads

September 29, 2008:

Father & Child Trust has cleared the first hurdle of obtaining funds for a research project involving solo fathers with full custody of children under 8 years of age. The new Lottery Community Research Fund has invited the Trust to submit a full research proposal after accepting the idea.

Fathers Unhappy With Society’s Attitudes – ‘Couch Poll’

September 24, 2008:

Most respondents to the Families Commission’s internet-based ‘Couch Poll’ on fathers said ‘better attitudes towards fathers from society’ was the single most important thing that could be done to support fathers. Of the 142 predominantly male respondents, 46% agreed with this, followed by flexible working hours, paid paternity leave and father-specific parenting courses with 30-35% […]

Research on Fathers Planned

January 11, 2008:

Research on Fathers Planned The dearth of local research on fathers may be alleviated in the next year or so, as both the Families Commission and the Father & Child Trust are planning research projects. The Families Commission wants to build on a 1999 survey by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, which tried to […]

$ 1.7m Research on Men

December 12, 2007:

Finding the ‘missing men’ is a key goal to a new study headed by Victoria University research fellow Paul Callister. The study addresses concerns about data quality when it comes to men, and the research brief states that “there is a group of men who are actually ‘missing’ in terms of educational participation and attainment, […]

Right-Wing Think Tank Launches Father Report

A literature review undertaken by the Maxim Institute, generally considered a Right-Wing Think Tank, found that fathers do indeed provide a unique contribution to their children’s lives. The benefits of father involvement ‘held true after controlling for a range of factors’.

Childcare Stressful

A study published in the Australian Journal for Early Childhood found that in all but the highest quality childcare centres increased levels of stress hormones are found in children. Researchers Sims, Guilfoyle and Parry measured cortisol levels in the saliva of children attending childcare. Cortisol is a hormone produced in response to stress, and generally […]

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