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Dads and Babies Seminar

A 90 minute seminar for parents of young children

Did You Know…

  • Dad’s hormones change when a baby is born?
  • 18mth old children with lots of father time have better problem-solving skills?
  • Father involvement in early childhood protects against teenage pregnancy?
Harald Breiding-Buss presenting 'Dads and Babies' seminar.

Harald Breiding-Buss presenting 'Dads and Babies' seminar to West Auckland Parent's Centre, September 2008.

Presented by:

Harald Breiding-Buss is the National Coordinator of the Father & Child Trust. His background includes natural sciences, early childhood education and parenting education. Harald has run many workshops and courses for and about fathers. He pioneered research on and services to teenage fathers in NZ.

Seminar Topics

  • What babies learn from dads: latest research…
  • How babies’ brains develop to different stimulation…
  • Men and women: how children thrive on the differences…
  • Attachment and relationship – building for babies and dads
  • Role models: is your baby getting enough of both?

Groups can book this Father & Child seminar for their members or their staff.
Email to organise a date.

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