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September 7, 2010

Father & Child and CYF working together

Here in Auckland the close relationship we have developed with the Onehunga office of CYF is helping to ensure that dads get the recognition and support they deserve.

This is from an article by Janie Smith in the Auckland City Harbour News on 3rd September 2010:

CYF Onehunga site manager Barbara Thomson says fathers play an important role in their children’s lives that can sometimes be lost in times of strife.

“Where there’s a lot of anger and grief between parents, for the child that’s half their family. A child needs to have some contact with their dad or at least their dad’s family. Even if dad doesn’t live with the family, he still has things he needs to give to that child.”

She says even if the father can’t provide a positive role model for his children, it’s something his family can often do.

“Dads are important.”

Brendon Smith Barbara Thomson - Auck City Harbour News

010910 NEWS Photo: Jason Oxenham/Fairfax Media. The Onehunga branch of Child, Youth and Family is working closely with the Father and Child Trust to make sure fathers are supported and recognised. Brendon Smith(left) from Father and Child Trust and Barbara Thompon, CYF site manager.

Read the full article here:
Support for fathers in times of strife

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