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July 10, 2009

Mauri Ora Fathers’ Circle July 2009

We talked about our mission, and we tried a few words together, please comment on the above text and introduction statement.

We talked about how we never want to fight over access issues, the last thing we want to fight over is our children, and the last person we want to fight with is usually their mother, but.

We talked about the story of King Solomon, when two women fought over a baby, he asked ‘Should I cut this baby in half?’ one woman cried ‘No, I’ll give up the baby if you will do that’ so he then gave this woman the baby.

Whether we are resigned to engaging in any battles, we should try to do some things that transcend the fight. ie, write the kids a letter, saying, I don’t like fighting over this, I want to spend quality time with you, and I always will, etc Don’t get too engaged in the fight and lose sight of the need to enjoy and be happy with your children, to be right is not always as important as to be happy, esp. for your kids.

We talked about how some dreams require a sacrifice, but never give up wanting to be the best dad we can, and that we should always look for the silver linings. One challenged us all to answer, ‘If we asked our kids, what would they say about how, we loved them’ with some of our children witnessing the answers, we all enjoyed another positive connection.

This Week’s News: Men’s Group – a movie was previewed at the Rialto in NZ on Monday, this Melbourne based tragedy was filmed entirely with first takes, so it grabs the audience and takes them for an emotional journey.. join the guys in their safe place, hear their stories, see their lives. Highly recommended and hopefully rolling out near you soon! (Watch this space for future screening info.)

Epsom Library are continuing their monthly session of ‘PlayDads’ stories with action and movement, with the next one at on April 4th, Starting at 9am for children up to around 2 yrs old, and their dads!

Man Alive are offering a new Men in Relationships programme in Henderson starting on Tue. 7th April, a 12 week course for any men who want to work on relationship issues, any questions contact,

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