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January 20, 2009

Children Teach Parents To Eat Fruit

Kids have trumped their parents by showing that they actually like fruit and vegetables. Plus they understand the importance of eating them better than their parents do.

Research by Colmar-Brunton shows 93% of children understand that 5+ a day means to eat five or more servings of fruit or veges every day, yet only 68% of parents understand this message.

And while children eat fruit and veges mainly because their parents tell them to (75%), they also eat them for their taste and health benefits more than their parents do.

Responding to a question that allowed multiple answers, 68% of children said they ate fruit and veges to keep their bodies healthy (parents also 68%), 65% said they ate them because they liked the taste (parents 31%) and 57% said they ate them because they were good for them in general (parents 42%).

In a healthy hat-trick, more children also wanted fruit instead of less healthy snacks than parents realised.

When asked what they would prefer as snacks, 33% of children chose fruit over biscuits, chippies, chocolate or veges.

Only 29% of parents thought their children would choose fruit.

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