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Father & Child Magazine Issue #8

Releasing The Woman In Your Daughter; The Family Life Of Simon Barnett; Tots & Toddlers; Biological Fathers; Keep Trying.


  • Releasing The Woman In Your Daughter: Peter Walker investigates the impact of fathers on a girl’s sense of her femininity.
  • The Family Life Of Simon Barnett: Peter Moore talked to one celebrity who is rather publicly in love with his three daughters.
  • Tots And Toddlers: Plunket’s “Tots & Toddlers” programme brings real parents with real babies into schools. Steve Wallace and daughter Sydney volunteered.
  • Biological Fathers: For some men fatherhood means donating sperm so someone else can do the job. Peter Walker discusses the ethical issues.
  • Keep Trying: When Steve Crandell seperated from his partner the world seemed to come to an end. Here’s how he survived.
  • Housedad To Stepdad

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