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Father & Child Magazine Issue #6

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child; Destination: Unknown; Long Distance Parenting; Pulling Off The Bandages; Dad-Action In Californian Schools; Back To Work.


  • It Takes A Village To Raise A Child: Harald Breiding-Buss examines parental responsibility versus community responsibility.
  • Destination: Unknown: Steven Crandell thinks parenting is a journey and lets himself be led by his son into the unknown.
  • Long Distance Parenting: Staying in touch with your children is a particular challange when they’re 5,000 miles away. Brent D. Gardiner has a few tips.
  • Pulling Off The Bandages: Rob Fitzpatrick brought his abducted and abused son to safty in New Zealand. By Harald Breiding-Buss.
  • Dad-Action In Californian Schools: Hogan Hilling has won the Californian “Courage to Care” award for a project that in volves fathers in schools.
  • Back To Work: WINZ’s Compass programme gives assistance for sole parents wanting to re-enter the workforce. [Not online]

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