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Retreating Fathers

By Robert Free

The Father and Child Trust Otago celebrated the mid-winter solstice by dancing on the beach in the moonlight and baking Christmas cakes. It was all part of their weekend stay at ‘Millervale’ in Warrington.

Eleven in all, fathers and children took advantage of the glorious weather and relaxed atmosphere to play soccer, petanque, spotlight and golf, to dig up the beach, create amazing moonlight shadows on the frozen sand, to make and bake Christmas cakes and to pull up an old dead tree and replace it with a beautiful flowering ‘tea tree’ in memory of one of our finest and much loved members – Te Ariki.

Millervale has become a regular retreat for the Trust and all who have been on any of these weekend camps have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The kids have a ball and revel in the freedom and space, and the dads have opportunities to kick back and unload with other adults or become kids again themselves for a couple of days.

Our next visit to Millervale has been booked for the nights of Oct. 25, 26, and 27 – being Labour Day weekend, and as these camps are so much fun we’d like to extend an invitation to anyone from the Christchurch Trust, or further afield to come and join us.

The Father and Child Trust Otago has paid for the accommodation so there will be no cost there, only your food and travel. If you want more information about this weekend please contact me – Robert Free at 03 4776560

” When we went to the beach we made awesome shadows like dancing bears and frogs all over the place. When we walked back we go on the icy slides and slip heaps ‘ laugh laugh’ we laughed .” Caitlin (9)

“The sea was crashing, CRASH CRASH. The next day we played spot light PLAYED PLAYED. We made funny moonlight shadows. FUNNY FUNNY. So please let us come back PLEASE PLEASE.”

Sarah (8)

“I like Warrington because of the spotlight games and changing the course of the river.Sam (12)

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