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Father & Child Magazine Issue #10

Protection Orders And Parental Alienation; She’s My Girl; Fathers In The Olden Days; Sharing The Parents; Dont Eat The Vegetarians.


  • Protection Orders And Parental Alienation: The recent conviction of a father for sending a christmas gift to his daughter highlights problems with the NZ Family Court.
  • She’s My Girl: What dads say about their relationship with their daughters.
  • Fathers In The Olden Days: Were Victorian dads really the patriarchs we think they were?
  • Sharing The Parents: Equally split custody is an increasingly popular model amongst parents who separated, Ron Thow shares his own experiences and what else he found out about the issue.
  • Dont Eat The Vegetarians: “Full Time Dads” Tim Cerantola takes a humorous look at his family’s eating habits.

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