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We Started With The Best Intentions

By Ken Baird

Nearly nine years ago we were told that we were going to be parents. What an amazing thing to be told! I was totally overjoyed with happiness.

Even before that it was a rather happy time trying to get to that stage…

Fatherhood to me started on the day our daughter was conceived. Going home and stripping the wallpaper off in her room the same day. It was a wonderful experience watching Natalia grow during these 9 months.

But the most exciting day in my life was when Natalia finally decided to come out and join dad and mum.

What a very precious moment that was. I still feel the magic of that moment today as I write these lines. I had finished work by that stage to become a full-time father.

Looking back now I was lucky to experience all those precious moments, and still do today with Natalia being at the nearly grand old age of seven, going on eight.

At eighteen months into Natalia’s life the relationship between dad and mum ended. Our ideas of what would happen to our daughter were very different.

Dad wanted half time, mum wanted full time and to take the child away from dad completely and never let him see the child again.

Have you heard that story before? To be continued…

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