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Long Distance Fathering

Staying Close To Your Non-Custodial Child Regardless of Geographical Distance

Many of us, either by choice or by a forced decision handed down by the courts, do not have physical custody of our children, both men and women a like.

How do we, as non-custodial parents, try to maintain a normal relationship with our children even when we may live some miles from them?

The answer is simple, just by the little things we do to keep their memory of us alive and living in them.

Make a habit of calling your child once if not twice a week, always on the same day(s) and at the same time.

Know what your child’s interests are. If your children know how to read, find books pertaining to their interests, and suggest they read the book you may have sent them, to you, over the phone.

Take your child shopping, but do not shop for just anything. Shop for something that will last, maybe a plant you could both watch grow over time.

Request to be placed on the school’s mailing list. Find out when special activities are taking place, do something for them, whatever is appropriate at that time.

Make sure you buy at least a portion of your child’s school supplies and include “special” pencils or pens, pencils with their names on them, pen or pencils especially for them, sent especially from you.

Don’t forget photographs and videos. Photographs of yourself, the family pet, the plant you planted and grew together. Videos of times shared between you and your child or send a photo album.
And always Listen to the little things they say and remember them. They will be some of your most precious memories together.

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