Fathers, Families and the Future Forum

(April 1999, Wellington)

In April 1999 the Father&Child Trust Wellington held three separate fora on fatherhood: a youth forum (no proceedings available), a public forum with workshops, and a Social Policy Forum for decisions-makers and members from the legal and social services sectors.

Excerpts from several papers presented at the Social Policy Forum, reports and analysis were included in a 10-page special edition of Father&Child.


"And what a selection of workshops it was. Ranging from playing with children to Big Buddy programmes, about 25 different themes were available - more than ever before at a fathers forum. They were facilitated by community workers from around the country.

Meanwhile over in the Town Hall the kids were busy creating the "Father of the Future" out of the materials provided - tubes, carboard and lots of silver foil. The result often looked like an astronaut. "I love my dad" read many of the notes kids had attached to their creation."


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