Fathers Who Care: Partners in Parenting

Series of four reports, published by Office of the Commissioner for Children

  1. The first report (Rae Julian: “Focus on Fathers”) provides information from focus groups and key informants on the roles and responsibilities of fathers
  2. The second report (Rae Julian: “Fathering in the New Millenium”) involved a national survey of New Zealanders' attitudes to fatherhood and shared parenting.
  3. The third report (John Brickell: “An Overview of Parenting Programmes for Fathers”) discussed support services for fathers.
  4. The final report (Kerslake Hendricks:“Children's Views on Fathering”) surveyed school aged children.

Available from:

Office of the Children's Commissioner
PO Box 12537
Ph (04) 471 1410
approx. 50 pages each, $ 20 each

A summary of the results of this project can be found at:


A review by Paul Callister is published here:

The Fathers Who Care: Partners in Parenting Project: Does it matter that there was not a partnership in the research process?

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