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May 12, 2009

Mauri Ora Fathers’ Circle May 2009

We heard about how the new Movie – Men’s Group, sees a few relative strangers come together, develop respect, become mates, care for each other and explore many of ‘those unspoken things’, as they struggled to communicate their feelings.

One guy usually had a little tipple, before each meeting in his car. We talked of how mainly guys, use alcohol or drugs to cope, how this is never a solution, it usually ends up in misery, one of us has been through the rehab and knows now.

One of us has a child just out of starship, two weeks in, now at home on medication, a bit of a tie but that’s being a dad, they quickly make you realise what your precious treasure is.

One of us had ‘return business’ from 5 old work contacts recently, and realised that he had had good relationships, as well as good business with those customers, which is good.

We talked about listening and making new members feel welcome.

We were asked if everyone knew ‘the three most difficult things to say’ 3. I love you 2. I’m sorry 1. I need help

We talked about respect and accommodating both cultural and parenting or even personal situations. How only one person should speak at a time we should not swear at, put down or make fun of each other, be positive.

One of us went to see his dad (86) at a family farewell and realised that, at some stage soon, he will feel more like a father to his dad, as he looks after him, or takes over some of his health and wellbeing.

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