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Shaken Parent Syndrome

September 27, 2011:

Shaken Parent Syndrome A month or two after the 22nd February earthquake, Christchurch people are well and truly ‘quaked out’. Harald Breiding-Buss relates his own post-quake moments as well as the current thinking on helping children through. A couple of months have passed since the ‘Big One’ has hit Christchurch. For a while there, when […]

Radio NZ interview on parenting for separated fathers

November 25, 2010:

F&C manager Harald Breiding-Buss was on Radio NZ today (25 Nov), talking about parenting issues for separated fathers. See here for audio file.

Father support on TV3

July 13, 2010:

Dan Brown, a young father being supported by the Father & Child Trust, was interviewed on TV3 about the new “In Your Hands” DVD produced by Great Fathers.

Mauri Ora Father’s Circle

March 19, 2010:

Father’s Mauri Ora Circle Now supported by KidzNeedDadz since March 2019… Looking for support from other fathers? …to lend your support to other dads? A safe place to strengthen your role as a father? …maybe a dad only zone, where we can talk freely? Our Father’s Mauri Ora Circle may be just what you are […]

Parenting: Attention Span

December 2, 2009:

Parenting: Attention Span By Harald Breiding-Buss At a training session for a previous job, some five or so years ago, about learning and memory in pre-school children, the tutor made us memorise a sequence of unrelated numbers and then try to recall them.

Young Musicians

August 13, 2009:

Young Musicians Encouraging your child to learn an instrument is one thing—pushing them to perform on one quite another. But where is the boundary between bringing out a child’s natural talent and asking them to do something they may not really enjoy? Kevin Albertson thought about what he wants for his own son.

Parenting: Babies And Movement

Parenting: Babies and Movement by Harald Breiding-Buss Compared to all other mammals, human babies are exceptionally underdeveloped and helpless—so much so that it seems amazing that the human species has survived at all, what with our low reproduction rate and the kind of effort required to raise a child to maturity. There must be a […]

How Old Do You Have to Be?

February 2, 2009:

How Old Do You Have to Be? by Jonathan Young Someone asked me the other day “when do you stop walking around in front of your kids in your underwear”.  The answer’s simple… “When either you, or they, feel uncomfortable”…. Or when you go outside. I’ve done a bit of research on legal ages for […]

Parenting: Achievement

Parenting: Achievement By Harald Breiding-Buss There are few issues where parents’ opinions are as divided as over encouraging (or discouraging) competition and achievement in their children. For some, competition is the root of all evil for children, especially when encouraged early in life. Things should be about the joy of taking part and having fun […]

The Importance of Touch

The Importance of Touch Kiwi culture is a low-touch culture, according to the experts. But touch is vital for the wellbeing of young children. Brendon Smith didn’t need much convincing. Manning the Father & Child stall at the recent Toddlers Day Out in Waitakere, I was drawn to the stall of massage therapist Eva Scherer. […]

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