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Posts tagged with  "parent education"

Father support on TV3

July 13, 2010:

Dan Brown, a young father being supported by the Father & Child Trust, was interviewed on TV3 about the new “In Your Hands” DVD produced by Great Fathers.

Mauri Ora Father’s Circle

March 19, 2010:

Father’s Mauri Ora Circle Now supported by KidzNeedDadz since March 2019… Looking for support from other fathers? …to lend your support to other dads? A safe place to strengthen your role as a father? …maybe a dad only zone, where we can talk freely? Our Father’s Mauri Ora Circle may be just what you are […]

5 Ways to Do a Better Job

August 13, 2009:

5 Ways to Do a Better Job If you are working with ‘families’ but don’t see any fathers, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s how to fix it: 1. Enrol Both Parents in Your Service Always ask for names and contact details of both parents and preferably have both parents there for the enrolment visit. Enrolling […]

Plunket Trials New Course For Dads

September 29, 2008:

The Plunket Society is trialing a new parenting course for fathers called ‘Dads4Dads’, with an eye to rolling it out nationwide through Plunket. Project leader Claire Rumble says that in principle she prefers courses where both parents can participate jointly, but some of their solo fathers have indicated that having a specific course for dads […]

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