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Immigrant to Emigrant

September 29, 2011:

Immigrant to Emigrant In issue 45 Christchurch Father & Child Coordinator Mark Grimes related his hopes for his family as a new immigrant from the UK. Just over a year later he concedes defeat. While the earthquakes didn’t help, it was a close-nit extended family that they found they couldn’t be away from. Well, it’s […]

Father support on TV3

July 13, 2010:

Dan Brown, a young father being supported by the Father & Child Trust, was interviewed on TV3 about the new “In Your Hands” DVD produced by Great Fathers.

Releasing The Woman In Your Daughter

December 2, 2009:

Releasing The Woman In Your Daughter As a grown woman, and arguably one of the most beautiful and adored women of her time, Marilyn Monroe lamented that as a little girl no one told her she was pretty. Little girls, she said, need to be told they are pretty. Many in the self-aware, independent 90’s […]

Parenting: The Y-Factor

January 30, 2009:

Parenting: The Y-Factor The tides of opinon on whether or not boys really are inherently different from girls (and if so, is it nature or social conditioning) have ebbed and flowed for the better part of 50 years now. For the last 10 there has been a proliferation of books saying that boys are different, […]

Motherless Girls

Motherless Girls A growing body of research warns about the effects of fatherlessness on girls: premature sexual experimentation, low self-esteem, and increased risk of eating disorders are amongst them. But we know nothing about motherless children. Census figures suggest that about 13,000 New Zealand girls—and 16,000 boys— of all ages grow up mainly or only […]

Going The Distance

November 20, 2007:

Going the Distance Mark Stephenson takes a light-hearted look at long-distance travel with children. A journey to the other side of the world with your little treasures in tow adds new meaning to the phrase ‘long haul flight’. Having family in the UK has given me the incentive to brave all sorts of transport options […]

A Soldier and His Daughter

August 20, 2007:

A Soldier and His Daughter For army-dad Jim Downey having a baby daughter made him wonder how he is going to relate to a girl. But, being an outdoor ‘nut’ he just decided to take her along. This is how it went. Jim’s story Becoming a parent was quite a shock for me, not because […]

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