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Posts tagged with  "Brain Development"

Parenting: Babies And Movement

August 13, 2009:

Parenting: Babies and Movement by Harald Breiding-Buss Compared to all other mammals, human babies are exceptionally underdeveloped and helpless—so much so that it seems amazing that the human species has survived at all, what with our low reproduction rate and the kind of effort required to raise a child to maturity. There must be a […]

Trouble at School

January 30, 2009:

Trouble at School While all children and young adults are better educated than ever before, there is a widening gap between boys and girls. Has removing barriers to girls’ education led to increased barriers for boys education? Or are girls just naturally smarter than boys? Brendon Smith investigates. I always thought our local kindergarten was […]

Fatherhood Messes Monkey Minds

January 11, 2006:

Fatherhood Messes Monkey Minds Researchers from Princeton University have discovered significant changes in the brain structure of male Common Marmosets on becoming a father. Marmosets are a primate species where the fathers stay involved with their offspring. The changes in brain structure are triggered by hormonal changes also found in human males with a pregnant […]

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