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December 2, 2009

Families Commission Calls For Paid Paternity Leave

The Families Commission is calling for four weeks paid leave for fathers with today’s release of their father research report. The report showed that fathers are asking for more time with their children.

At the moment employers are required to give new fathers two weeks unpaid leave, and any paid leave can only be taken by fathers if transferred to him by the mother.

‘The Press’ reported about a Father & Child case, where a father who took sole day-to-day care of his son only weeks after his birth had been denied parental leave, because there is no legal entitlement to fathers.

Father & Child Trust supports the Families Commission’s call, but believed the entitlement needs to be worded specifically to birth fathers as they are the only other legal guardians of a child at the time of birth.

Father & Child’s own press release here.

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